Criminal Record Expungement

After Your Charges Are Dismissed, As A St Louis Expungement Lawyer I Can Clear Your Arrest Record!

St Louis ExpungementIf you are talking in legal terms, the expungement of record is a procedure by which a first time offender is requesting the courts to seal his criminal record, so as to make it "invisible" as it were to criminal databases as well as police. If the record is sealed, expunged is the common term used.

Pardon and Expunction are two totally different terms. A record expunged is the same as saying the offense never happened, if you are granted a pardon that means the offense did happen though forgiveness is granted.

Each jurisdiction is free to set the rules by which a particular record can be expunged, and there are different reasons for why someone would want to have this legal action carried out.

To be noted is that not every crime can be expunged, some are eligible, some are not. There are time requirements, that need to be met, number of crimes is another factor, and many more variables weigh on the final decisions by the courts.

The expungement of a criminal record is not an easy task by any means. It varies from state to state and some are more difficult than others. Missouri is one of those states where you absolutely need a  specialized and qualified Missouri Expungement Attorney to handle your case if you are ever to hope to erase your criminal past. The only charges than can be erased from the criminal record are pre-trial diversions, post-trial diversion or retired charges.

As a consequence most conviction in Missouri remain permanent, and this is valid wether you are trying to remove a misdemeanor or even a felony.

As i was saying a moment ago you really need a qualified attorney to begin the process of sealing, or expunging your record. We are the obvious choice in Missouri and have been doing it with great success for many many years. Call us and speak directly to one of our St Louis Expungement Lawyers.

The expungement process can be summarized like this:

Complete the  petitions necessary with all the necessary and precise data attached to it: like day of arrest, agency, disposal date of your case..

Make lots of copies and than address them to the courts where you had your case handled.

Expungement Fees, depend of the location and the courts

Though it should take only 90 days be prepared to see an objection by the District Attorney, and after that is settled a court date will be set.

You should wait three years before starting this process and each court system has its own specific rules..

Do you see? it's quite complicated and you don't want to spend a lot of time and money and be stuck and have to do it all over again.

So what is my best advice to you? make sure you hire a qualified St Louis Expungement Attorney who handles these procedures on a regular basis.


Published by Robert Adler on 2013-08-13